Eurosatory 2022🛡️Interview of Jacques Gascuel Freemindtronic Cyber Security Stealthy Data Encryption

Interview in French with English subtitles by New TV Eurosatory 2022 with Mr. Jacques Gascuel, CEO of Freemindtronic an Andorran company that designs and manufactures Cyber ​​Defense, Cyber ​​Security and Safety systems, specialized in the protection of secrets and stealth encryption of sensitive data contactless via an NFC devices.

This is a historic event for Andorra. Jacques Gascuel informs us that this is the first time in their history that an Andorran company has participated in the world’s largest land and air defence and security exhibition.


In this video he presents for the first time to the public the latest NFC devices dedicated to the stealthy encryption of sensitive data achieved without contact. It shows for the first time to the public custom-made NFC devices in cufflinks, an NFC card undetectable from NFC readers.

It shows other hardware security modules with NFC technology developed on behalf of companies such as Bleujour, a French computer manufacturer, the Kubb Secure Card and the Cold Wallet NFC from the Andorran Keepser Group.


0 to 00:43.940 👉 1st Historical 1st participation of Andorra
0:54.216 to 01:35.866 👉 How Freemindtronic is involved in cyber security:👇
– significant difference
– people retain their habits
– adapts to changing human behaviour
– secures telework activities
– secures telework activities
– secures according to geographical areas
– system adapted for special services, intelligence, government
– contactless encryption system
– encrypts everything that exists, sms, email, webmail (proton, yandex…), data, communication, messaging…
– compatible with everything else that exists
– compatible with everything else that exists

01:35.866 to 01:37.748 👉 Is this reassuring?
– in the wrong hands it is extremely dangerous
– technology to be adapted according to the type of user: governmental, regulated activity, business and private.
– access to the defence market
– technology that is susceptible to “Dual Use”
– totally anonymous
– designed to encrypt everything
– SMS encryption
– each person must have one of our NFC hardware security modules
– customisable technology
– technology adapt for business
– white label products
– Products soon available at Bleujour
– new product company Kubb Secure Card from Bleujour for secrets managment
– against ransomware new product company Kubb Secure from Bleujour

02:46.419 to 04:06.896 👉 Alors concrètement comment ça marche ?
– storage that is encrypted
– is used with an NFC phone
– strong generates passwords, encryption keys
– auto login & autofill
– passwordless fonction
– compatible with all computer systems
– your secrets are only in your pocket
– no trace of secrets in the phone and computer
– device not connected to a remote server

03:28.889 to 0:03:59.348 👉 if you lose the card, you have lost everything?
– No ! You the backup NFC Card
– the card is secured via configurable multi-factor authentication (MFA)
– sovereignty solution for sensitive data

03:59.348 to 05:26.536 👉 the solution in a business context?
– creation of products specially adapted to the needs of companies
– the price of products is also an important factor in facilitating access to cyber security for all
– protection of safeguards
– simplicity and speed of use e.g. one button to encrypt and one button to decrypt
– Save time!

0:05:26.536 to 07:37.157 👉 Exclusive for Eurosatory the NFC card undetectable from NFC readers


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Source at the video is Activ’Company

Link Eurosatory 2020 event 13 to 18 June 2022:

Freemindtronic Hall 5B stand C178 (13 ju


👉 Bleujour (Made in France or Made in Andorra):
👉 Keepser (Made in France or Made in Andorra):

👉 Kubb Secure: https://www.kubb-secure.com
👉 Kespser: https://www.keepser.com

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Linkedin : https://goo.gl/jY6RLW
Twitter : https://twitter.com/freemindtronic

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