Date and place of birth


Family situation

Military situation





07/28/1988 in Khemis

El fahs Benisnous Tlemcen 13000


National Service Card


213790299296 / 213542491098 elgormamourad@gmail.com


Diplomas obtained

June 2009

Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and Life.

Feb 2011

Higher Technician Diploma Network option and computer system.

Theme entitled: «Interconnection of a wired network with a WIFI network with shared resources».

Dec 2013

Cisco certificate « CCNA V4.1 Discovery N01 : Networking for Home and Small Businesses ».

May 2014

License in Telecommunications option Networks and Telecommunication Systems .

Theme entitled: «  Study on new routing strategies ».

May 2014

Cisco certificate « CCNA V4.1 Discovery N02: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP».

Jan 2015

Cisco certificate «CCNA V4.1 :Discovery N03: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise ».

May 2015

Cisco certificate «CCNA V4.1 Discovery N04: Designing and Supporting Computer Networks».

June 2015

Cisco certificate «CCNA V5.0 Routing and switching N01 : Initiation to networks ».

Feb 2016

Cisco certificate «CCNA V5.0 Routing and switching N02 : Basics on routing and switching  ».

May 2016

Master's degree in Telecommunications option Networks and Telecommunication Systems .

Theme titled  : «  Development of an embedded verifier for the detection of vulnerabilities of WIFI networks ».

Practical courses

  • ·         15-day practical internship at Aboubakre Belkaid University at the Faculty of Economics
  • ·         6-month practical internship at INSFP Mansourah.
  • ·         15-day practical training course at ALGERIE TELECOM, the CPT center in Sebdou (Tlemcen).
  • ·         10 days practical internship at Siege Djezzy - Oran- Transmission level.
  • ·         "1 years" experience: Installation of computer networks (cables, troubleshooting, configuration, ...)
  • .      "Experience": Professor of LINUX operating systems at the institute Ennajah info.

Other abilities :

Programming language

Pascal, Delphi ,Java, MATLAB,,php

Computer Networks

·         Knowledge of TCP / IP protocol, Ethernet applications, WLANs…

·         Planning, installation and troubleshooting of computer network problems.

·         Install, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS devices.

·         Monitor network performance and isolate network failures.

·         VLANs, Routing protocols (RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF.)

Manipulate embedded systems ( hardware and software ex : Beaglebone Black).

Operating system

Linux (Ubuntu , kali ,Mandriva Fedora_server,…).

Microsoft( windows , windows server 2003) .



Packet tracer, GNS3, VMware Workstation , Virtual Box ,

Filezilla (client/server ),EasyPhp, Wamp server ,

The management system WORDPRESS

Installation of surveillance cameras of: hikvision DVR technology

-          Languages

English French Arab


-          Other

Driving license B .