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Google intègre la langue tamazight dans son moteur de traduction

Par Lina S. – Le moteur de recherches américain Google a intégré la langue tamazight dans son traducteur automatique Google Translate. C’est grâce à l’association Larando que Google a répondu positivement à la demande exprimée dans une pétition lancée sur Internet. Karim Akachar, qui est à l’origine de l’initiative, a indiqué à Algeriepatriotique que l’association Larando a contacté […]

Facebook Messenger’s all new dark mode 😎

Facebook has been teasing the highly-requested dark mode in Messenger since last year’s F8 conference, but so far it was only tested in a few countries. It looks like the feature is now available for all Android users — all you have to do is send someone a moon emoji! Discovering the dark mode easter egg is as […]

Reminder: Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 in 1-year from today

A new reminder for those who are still holding on to the Windows 7 operating system—you have one year left until Microsoft ends support for its 9-year-old operating system. So it’s time for you to upgrade your OS and say goodbye to Windows 7, as its five years of extended support will end on January […]

Kodak Unveils New Smile Line of Instant Cameras

The company C+A Global has announced a new line of Kodak instant cameras and printers called Smile. The new products are designed to help the masses shoot and share Zink instant photos. The Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print digital camera (shown above) features a Polaroid-style design consisting of a pop-up viewfinder and automatic single strobe […]