Desktop Linux Market Share: August 2022

Every year, we discuss the year of the Linux desktop. It can’t be helped when we see an increase in the operating system’s market share in the consumer space.

linux desktop market share
Linux desktop market share

Of course, Linux dominates the entire cloud industry (Web host, cloud computing, data warehouse, etc.). Here, we focus only on the desktop Linux market share.

If you’re new to the Linux world, Linux is not an operating system, it is a kernel. But, we tend to term “Linux” as an OS to keep things simple.

You can learn what Linux is in our explainer article.

One day, we hope that Linux distributions dominate the desktop operating market share in the future. But, what do the current trends say? Is it the year of the Linux desktop yet?

The trends change every month. Last year, Linux could have a better grip over the market share compared to this year. So, it is vital to track the latest reports.

Here, we try to keep track of the latest trends in the form of monthly updated reports from different sources.

Operating System Market Share: August 2022

We update the available information every month. Note that the information available for the last month gets published next month. So, for example, when we update the report in the month of September, it will include the statistics for August.

Among the desktop operating systems available (Windows, macOS, and Linux), Linux usually tends to occupy the third position overall.

Some of the latest stats include:

  • Net Marketshare: The current Linux market share is 1.77% compared to 6.96% for macOS and 90.25% for Windows.
  • Statcounter: Linux occupies 2.81% of the market share compared to 14.4% for macOS, and 74.73% for Windows.
  • W3Schools: Linux has a grip on 4.4% of the market share, compared to 8.9% of macOS and 70.1% of Windows.
  • Steam Survey: In terms of desktop gaming, Linux has a market share of 1.27% when compared to 2.50% for macOS, and 96.23% for Windows.
  • Statista (last updated on June 2022): The Linux desktop market share was 2.42% when compared to 14.64% for macOS, and 76.33% for Windows.
  • Stack Overflow Survey: Among the developers who participate in the Stack Overflow survey, 40.23% of users use the Linux-based operating system for personal use and 39.89% of those use it for professional use.

Every source utilizes a different method of data collection. The market share constantly changes, which is why we decided to update this report regularly, instead of making separate posts on slight changes to the market share.

Overall, it looks like Linux as a desktop operating system is popular among developers, and is eventually influencing gamers, and other consumers as an alternative operating system.

What do you think about the trends? Do you see Linux overtake macOS in terms of desktop market share? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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