Twitch Down AGAIN! by DDOS Attack, Hacker group Lizard Squad takes responsibility Twitch Hacked

Twitch downed 3rd time August 27th
Should I keep the updates coming?
Update 8: It appears that the attacks are spreading, once again. Hearthstone and Diablo 3 servers are down and Blizzard is claiming to be the victims of DDoS attack. Lizard Squad has yet to take responsibility for these attacks, so they may be unrelated.
Update 7: Twitch Gets attacked & taken down!
Update 6: Twitch Gets attacked
Update 5: Amazon buys Twitch
Update 4: Xbox Live/ PSN Issues Resolved.
Update 3 XBL on Xbox One Xbox 360 Social and Gaming Limited PBS app Limited.
Update 2
Update 1
My Updated Sources 3: from
“Hi Xbox members. Are you having trouble connecting to Party Chat on Diablo III on Xbox One and Xbox 360? Additionally, Xbox One users, are you experiencing server unavailability issues? Us too, but we’re working alongside our partner to get these issues fixed ASAP! We’ll keep you posted when we have more information on this issue. In the meantime, thanks for staying patient.”

Xbox Live also experiencing connection issues
The Xbox Live issues preventing Xbox 360 and Xbox One users from signing in have been resolved, according to Microsoft. However, the service is currently experiencing ongoing social and gaming issues.

Sony Online Entertainment president flight rerouted over concerns for explosives. At the time writing this 8/24 PSN still offline and Sony has confirms PSN under DDOS attack & under maintenance. Today August 24, 2014

My Updated Sources: Hacker bomb threat diverts flight carrying Sony Online president
Head of Sony Online Entertainment’s flight rerouted over concerns for explosives
PlayStation Network Suffers DDoS Attack
SOE President’s Flight Grounded, Group Behind PlayStation Network Outage Takes Responsibility
American Airlines 362 AAL362 Diverted from its path to San Diego into Phoenix. The flight is carrying 179 passengers and six crew. FBI are looking into the station.

Original Sources:
Failure and maintenance information
Blizzard, PlayStation Network, and more under wide DDoS attack
DDOSers claim PSN kill as games services go offline lizardsquad

DDOSers claim PSN kill as games services go offline

From @pathofexile
“We’re having some server issues due to a DDOS attack. Should have it sorted out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

League of Legends, GW2 and more are suffer DDoS attacks.
Regarding Recent Instability on North America
First Riot Post
Eve Online Unscheduled Downtime

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley acknowledged attack. On twitter @j_smedley Writes

“We are under attack by a large scale ddos. Being dealt with but it will impact games until its handled.”

“It’s almost under control now. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

This DDOS attack on Blizzard’s servers that include Hearthstone, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and other gaming networks like PSN, Riot Games League of Legends, Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile seem to coming from Hacker group Lizard Squad.

PlayStation Network outage
Some user are getting PSN down error code 8071092 8-24-2014 so the psn down By DDOS from Lizard Squad. Still is not a PSN Hacked from data like passwords and Log in credit card info.

PS4 under maintenance while the PSN DOWN because of PSN HACK DDOS attck LIZARD SQUAD HACKer group Today August 24TH Sunday 25th 2014 Monday

It cased I’m asked again, DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. DDOS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems — which are usually infected with a Trojan — are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack.




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