Massive DDoS Attack On U.S. Internet Takes Out All Major Services

A massive cyberattack has crippled numerous Internet Of Things (IoT) services, as well as cell phone towers throughout the U. S. which are currently experiencing issues for both texting and calling. According to Down Detector, AT&T, U. S. Cellular, Sprint, MetroPCS, Verizon and Simple Mobile are experiencing highly unusual outages affecting the entire U. S., including a major outage in Washington D. C. Although, the services are down a DDOS (Denial of Service Attack) is less likely and the broad scope of services down rules out DNS hijacking. A DDoS attack overwhelms an online service with traffic from multiple sources, rendering it unusable. While a DNS hijacking attack would be redirecting DNS servers. So therefore it’s possible the attack method is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking which is another type of a sophisticated massive attack. BGP hijacking has occurred in the past although not on the gigantic scale happening now. BGP is used for data-centers looking for internet redundancy for CDN (Content Delivery Network). Netscout, “a global cybersecurity situational awareness platform that provides organizations with highly contextualized visibility into ‘over the horizon’ threat activity on the landscape,” cited more than 200 attacks directed to the U. S. Similar, Digital Attack Map showed a substantial number aimed at the U. S. as well as Brazil. Jordan Daley, the CMO of Obit also tweeted about the attack, again citing Digital Attack Map. It also reports that major sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, as well as T-Mobile and Verizon, have been impacted directly. Anonymous tweeted about the attack noting all of the services that were taken out and posted a map to detail the cyberattack. So far no Anonymous accounts have claimed responsibility. But then again they wouldn’t if they were following proper OpSec of Anonymous. While the source of the attack is still unknown with speculation as to who is responsible and how it was carried out, a handful of politicians commented on the DDoS strike. One of these included Rep. Ted Lieu, who pointed out that President Donald Trump had effectively dismantled much of the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure in recent years. Just a few days ago, it was reported that in February earlier this year, AWS Amazon Web Services was hit with a record DDoS attack of 2.3 Tbps with the unsuccessful attempt to knock cloud services offline continuing for three days utilizing four different techniques. Further, in March, only one month later it was recorded that a massive 175,000 DDoS attacks had taken place in the U. S, making it the most attacked country in the world, South China Morning Post reported. It’s worth noting for readers that the attack could be a combination of DDoS and BGP hijacking, which would make more sense due to the number of services affected including cell phone providers. A DDoS attack is usually to prevent genuine users from gaining access to a site or serivce.

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Massive DDoS Attack On U.S. Internet Takes Out All Major Services:




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