Monterey on Unsupported Mac [2008-2015] OpenCore Legacy Patcher!!!

CLICK ON MY UPDATED 2022 OLCP MONTEREY VIDEO! You can Install macOS Monterey on Unsupported Mac from 2008-2015! READ UPDATES BELOW! I’ll show you how to use OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install macOS Monterey on your old Mac! I will walk you through the entire process! CHAPTERS & UPDATES BELOW.

OCLP UPDATES 06/22/22:
Check out my 2022 UPDATED OCLP Monterey how to video –
#1 – You can use the 0.4.6 TUI app to follow along with this video or use the GUI app.
#2 – If you have a 2012, 2013 or 2014 Mac with an Intel HD4000 or Kepler based Nvidia GT600 – GT700 graphics, You will need to install the post volume patches!!! Big Sur was fine but Apple removed them from the Monterey Installer.
#3 – If you have a MacBookPro11,3 15″ Late 2013 or 2014 and you are stuck at the progress bar after install = boot it with safe mode (hold down shift on boot) then apply the post volume patches. Reboot and you can then install OCLP to your internal hard drive. –

0:00 Monterey OpenCore Legacy Patcher Intro
0:30 Updates (Check Update section in the description first)
1:04 Requirements for OCLP and Monterey
2:39 How to download Monterey Full Installer
3:44 How to Erase & Properly Format USB Drive
4:50 Create Monterey USB Installer
8:00 Downloading & Setting Up OCLP App and installing to USB
11:42 Rebooting the Mac to the USB Drive by holding down Option
12:10 In Monterey Recovery Option #1 Upgrade
12:35 In Monterey Recovery Option #2 Erase & Install
14:25 Install Finished – Go through setup assistant.
15:00 Installing OCLP to internal hard drive
18:11 Post Volume GPU Patches – Problem with 2011 MBPro
19:22 Install Post Volume Patches (2008-2013 – HD4000 & Kepler)
20:12 Complete! Software update explained
20:42 Inverted or colors flashing use ResXtreme
21:34 How to enable keyboard backlight
22:30 Conclusion
23:00 Thank you + Patreon

I want to thank both Mykola Grymalyuk (khronokernel) & Dhinak G (dhinakg) for your work on OpenCore Legacy Patcher + all of the contributing developers that help maintain the patcher! OCLP will bring new life to thousands of Macs saving them from the recycler!

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OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.4.6 TUI app

Direct Download Link macOS Monterey Full installer InstallAssistant.pkg . –


Having a issue? – OpenCore Legacy Support + Discord Server

OpenCore Legacy Issues –

MacRumors Thread

Install UEFI Windows 10 Install Video

macos monterey old mac

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that installing macOS Big Sur on your unsupported Mac is a best effort by the community. A ton of work went into getting the patcher to work! Some things might not work exactly right but it’s really really close. I would not recommend installing on a system that you rely on for work or school. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST BEFORE YOU UPGRADE! The good news is that you are getting the latest security fixes from Apple. Some might argue that upgrading to Patched Monterey makes your Mac safer since Apple is no longer fixing security issues on 10.13 and below.

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