Spyglass 3.3 ~ AR Military Tactical Maps (iPhone)

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Spyglass is an essential hike, bike, drive and car GPS navigation tool kit and a compass app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Specifically designed for the outdoors and for off the road hiking, walking, cycling, driving, boating, sailing and flying, it is best and comes in very useful where a turn by turn navigator fails. On its heads-up display (HUD) Spyglass shows a lot of location and attitude aware info.

Employing advanced augmented reality technologies Spyglass combines a mil spec compass with maps, remembers, finds and shows directions to your custom waypoints (POI) using precise 3D AR-markers and direction arrows on the compass azimuth circle. Spyglass measures distances on map, distant object dimensions, elevation and angles with built-in sextant and inclinometer utilities. Stadia-metric optical sniper’s rangefinder reticle finds distance to targets in real-time like a hi-end scope and laser binoculars viewfinder.

Serving as a digital tactical GPS, speedometer, altimeter, magnetic or gyrocompass, using accelerometer and gyroscope, it is the best compass app for Geocaching, Encounter and other treasure hunt, orienteering and surveying outdoor games.

It displays time, azimuth, accuracy, GPS coordinates, latitude, longitude and military grid, altitude, speed, course, waypoint bearing, distance and ETA, location hints, artificial horizon, stadia marks, pitch, roll and yaw angles — all over the live image from camera — and allows to take a picture with that location specific information.

Built-in catalogue of bright stars makes possible using Spyglass for celestial and stellar navigation, the compass tool is fine-tuned and calibrated using the Sun, the Moon and star finder and tracker — a map or a known landmark is also a good reference for calibration.

As a best compass for surveying, hunting, fishing, boating, sports, hiking, scouting, biking, documenting, marine travelling, police, military and rescue missions, it serves as a marker and locator for destination waypoints and also supports lots of coordinate systems and geodetic datum, distance and angular units.

Coordinate and unit converter understands — imperial, metric, angular mil, mile (mi) and nautical mile (MPH and KPH), foot (ft.), yard (yd.), rod, pole, perch, chain, furlong (fur), kilometer (KM/H), geographic and Geocaching coordinates, MGRS, WGS84, UTM (with banded UTM), OSNG, OSGB36 grids and much more.




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    août 4, 2020 à 1:36

    Hey, Spyglass!
    I wrote you a few times ans got no answer. There is NO EXPLANATION on HOW TO DOWNLOAD MAPS.
    I am starting to be a be desapointed. 🙁


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