Macintosh SE Reloaded BUILD [Part 3]

Watch me perform rust removal and complete this Mac SE motherboard build. Stay tuned for Testing in the Part 4 finale! PLAYLIST of all my SE Reloaded videos:

0:00 — Rev.1.5 Fix
3:58 — PDS connector
6:43 — J11 Speaker connector
7:52 — J5 Internal SCSI
9:33 — Y1 Crystal
11:56 — L4 Bead
14:23 — L2/L2 Coils
18:34 — J16 RAM size jumper
20:11 — SW1 & SW2
23:35 — Rusted Metal Bracket
43:26 — 4 socketed chips
45:56 — U9D, U10C & U11D desoldering
53:22 — Chips to Socket
58:52 — Cleaning Flux with IPA
1:02:59 — Socketing Chips

🗣️ SE Reloaded discussion on TinkerDifferent:

• (Mouser Cart in “My BOM” under “📚 REFERENCE” below.)
• SE Reloaded board from MacEffects (red):
• Engineer IC Extractor SS-08 (8 to 42 pins):
• Jonard IC Extractor EX-2 (24 to 40 pins):
• Hot Air Station 959D:
• Goot Aluminum Heatsink Clips:
• 10x Loupe:
• 5x/11x Magnifier:
• DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter (Amazon US):
The best handheld meter to check capacitor ESR. Includes all 3 accessories: TL-21, TL-22 & TL-23.
• Hakko Soldering Station (Fisher Price colors):
💁‍♂️TIP: Use 350°C & Leaded solder.
• Solder (Leaded Rosin Core 1.6mm):
• Solder (Leaded Rosin Core 0.8mm):
• 2-spool Solder Holder:
• AMTECH 559 “V2” Flux (flawed plunger):
• MG Chemicals Flux (great plunger):
• Desoldering wick:
• Fume Extractor:
• 99% ISO Alcohol (Spray Bottle!):
• 99% ISO Alcohol:
• 99% ISO Alcohol:
💁‍♂️I gave you 3 alcohol choices above because it’s often out of stock. 70% will work, 91% is better, but 99% is best for electronics cleaning (fast drying & no residue).
• Naval Jelly Rust Remover (phosphoric acid, like my Kure CRC):
• PIKAL Care (metal polishing paste):
🙁 Sadly, these 3 items shown in my video don’t ship outside Japan:
• Anti-rust Shield (Sunhayato RS-L15):
• Sunhayato “New Relay Cleaner” (mostly just alcohol?):
• Precious Metal Cleaning Liquid (PMC-10):
📷 MY CAMERA GEAR (used to make most of my videos):
• Panasonic GH5:
• GH5 II (newer version of my camera):
• Olympus 60mm F2.8 Macro (used for all closeups):
• Olympus 12-100mm F4 (great all-around zoom lens!):
• Olympus 40-150mm F2.8 (fast glass with a long reach!):
• Sony Tough 256GB SD Card (amazingly good!):
• LAV Mic (BOYA by-M1 Pro):
• Tripod (carbon fiber!):
(Tripod video review is here: )

💵 NOTE: Your price on Amazon (US only) is the same even if you don’t click the “” Affiliate links above, but if you do click & purchase within 24 hours, Amazon may pay me a small commission on qualifying items in your Cart.

• My BOM (newer than the paper shown in my video):
• Kai’s BOM:
• max1zzz’s ROM replacement:
• Kai’s ADB chip replacement:
• Kai’s GLU chip replacement (ATF16V8B):
• Kai’s Main Github page:
• Kai’s Videos on SE Reloaded:
• Kai’s Guide to Apple Custom ASICs:
• Mac SE Schematics:
• Mac SE Service Source Manual:
• Guide to Macintosh Family Hardware:
• Computer Chronicles video on the SE:
• Motherboard Horror Pics 😱:

🙏 MY SINCERE THANKS to this kind and generous Paypal contributor:
• Philippe from France (2 donations in June 2022)

(If you do very kindly donate, it would be a wonderful help if you could let me know if I have permission to use your full name, or use something like John in Texas, when I give you public thanks in a future video. Pronunciation help is also appreciated!)



🎶 Music Credits (all CC BY-SA 4.0 by TEKNOAXE)
• Simple Stomp:
• Positive Ionosphere:
• Anthem for Tomorrow:
• Chasing Snow:
• Opus Metropolis:
• To the Atmosphere:

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