Macintosh 800K Floppy Drive Recap & Lube

Recapping & Lubrication walkthrough of Apple (SONY) 800K 3.5″ floppy drives (MP-51W & MFD-51W series) used in the 1986 Macintosh 512Ke & Plus, and the 1987 Macintosh SE.

⚠️ A recap won’t fix most problems but it is important. Mac disassembly & reassembly details are shown my 400K recapping video:

⚠️ Don’t confuse Super Lube greases! I used the synthetic PTFE “multi-purpose” grease, model 21030. Super Lube also has a silicone based grease that is model 92003, but I did NOT use that. Buy the 21030 grease because you can safely mix it with PTFE Super Lube oil (51010) if you need to. That is important because Super Lube does NOT recommend mixing 92003 grease with Super Lube oil.

0:00 — Intro
2:19 — Capacitor Locations
4:41 — Capacitor Replacement
14:18 — Microscope view
18:55 — Lifting head for cleaning
21:13 — Protective yellow plastic disk
22:37 — Metal Mounting Bracket
24:31 — Ribbon Cable Types (stripe color)
26:20 — Disk Ejection Woe
26:57 — Cleaning & Lube
30:11 — Sliding smooth with KURE 5-56 (WD-40)
34:22 — Plastic Gearbox Disassembly
37:43 — Gear that usually breaks
40:31 — Microscope view of Gears
47:06 — Head Assembly Removal for lubrication
52:02 — SuperLube Grease & Oil
1:00:51 — Gearbox Lube
1:01:16 — Mixing Grease & Oil
1:11:27 — Hot Glue on Bottom Plate of Gearbox
1:25:51 — Springs
1:26:23 — Final Testing
1:28:34 — Closing Words

• Mouser Cart:
⚠️ Before you buy, check your 800K drive’s capacitance values so you can compare with my Mouser cart. I created this Mouser cart using my 800K drive, model MFD-51W-03.

• Super Lube 21030 Synthetic PTFE Grease (NOT Silicone!):
• Super Lube PTFE Oil 51010:
• 99% ISO Alcohol (Spray Bottle!):
• 99% ISO Alcohol:
• 99% ISO Alcohol:
💁‍♂️3 alcohol choices because it’s often out of stock.
• WD-40 (same as KURE 5-56):
⚠️ Use WD-40 (or KURE 5-56) only for deeper cleaning, then remove it before applying grease and oil.
• J-B Weld (steel-reinforced epoxy):
• Hot-Glue Gun & sticks (if you have broken plastics like me):
• 4.3″ LCD Microscope:
• UV Solder Mask (Green):
• Anti-static pad with Wrist Strap (16×24″ / 41x61cm):
• Hi-temp Anti-static pad with Wrist Strap (16×12″ / 41x30cm):
• Wall socket Ground adapter for banana-jack Wrist Strap:
• Torx T15 with LONG neck (to open Mac):
• Bulldog Clip (helpful to pry off back case):
• 1 Cotton Swab for head cleaning
• Phillips Screwdriver (+)
• Needle Nose Pliers:
• Wire Nippers 4.5″:
• Flat-head (-) Screwdriver (for CRT discharging)
• Wire with alligator clips at both ends (for CRT discharging)
• Soldering iron with °F-only LCD & Solder Kit (80W, cheap!):
• Soldering Station (120W, ESD safe):
• Solder (Leaded Rosin Core 1.6mm):
• Desoldering wick:
💁‍♂️TIP: Set soldering iron temperature to 350°C. Don’t use lead-free solder.
• DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter:
💁‍♂️The best handheld meter to check capacitor ESR. Includes all 3 accessories: TL-21, TL-22 & TL-23.

💵 Your price on Amazon (US) is the same even if you don’t click the Affiliate links above, but if you do click & purchase within 24 hours, Amazon may pay me a small commission.

• Super Lube Grease 21030 Specs:
• Mixing SuperLube PTFE grease & oil:
• Super Lube Plastics & Rubber Compatibility:
• Super Lube Grease Compatibility (mixability):
• Molycote EM-30L Grease Specs:
💾 Sony Test 7.0 DOWNLOAD:
• “Sony Test” discussion:
• 800K Drive Specs (brief):
• 800K Drive Specs (detailed):
• 800K drives on Macs with 64K ROMs:
• VIDEO by LaPorta (68kMLA) that helped me:

🗣 Helpful Groups:
• 68kMLA:
• Vintage Apple Macintosh Enthusiasts:
• Vintage Macintosh Restoration & Preservation:


🙏 SINCERE THANKS to these Paypal contributors in May 2020:
• Mark Jozaitis (of MacEffects)
• David Goodson

🙏 Thank you, Joe (jjclay at 68kMLA), for donating a tub of Molykote EM-30L.



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