Installing DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 on the Apple Power Macintosh 7200/120 DOS Compatible

In the 1990s, Apple sold several computers with the ability to have a “DOS Compatible” card. This was an actual DOS PCI on an expansion card. In this case, it’s a Pentium 100 on a PCI card.

Your display, keyboard, and mouse, could alternate between the Mac and the PC, which both lived inside the same case. You could either share the RAM from the Mac with the PC, or put a separate DIMM on the PC card. For storage, the PC would get the floppy drive if you inserted a floppy while in PC mode, and the Mac would get it if you inserted it while in Mac mode. For a Hard Disk, you could have a file on the hard disk be the HDD for the PC, or even dedicate a whole partition.

This video is mostly just capture of the display output of the machine. I say a few words when I decide to plug in a headset. Originally streamed on Twitch really just as a test to see if all the bits would work together. A couple of hiccups, especially around some of the DOS video modes. It seems the video capture device doesn’t like some of the output, so there’s probably some settings to tweak. At the very end of this it also gives up for a little while.

I’ll likely do some future streams where it’s all from-scratch to capture the full strangeness of how Macs of this era work.

Callouts to great hardware that helped make this possible: for using modern USB Keyboard and Mouse with the Mac.

The Floppy Emu (go read the story about getting the connectors made, as well as all the awesome details on how Mac and Apple ][ floppies work).

Also the SCSI2SD for a hard disk.

and the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) for converting all the weird video signals. I have this edition:

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