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In this video, you are going to learn EVE-NG installation and how you can configure it to your PC.

This EVE-NG tutorial will also provide you with the knowledge of how to add EVE-NG images, how you can get them for its smooth running, and why EVE-NG is the best choice for Enterprise Engineers?

EVE-NG (Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation) is a platform, ready for today’s IT-world requirements. It allows you to master your network within a multi-vendor environment by allowing you to design, test, and create virtual proof of concepts and solutions.

If you want to know how to install EVE-NG on your computer, then this tutorial is for you.

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Here are some of the video highlights for you,

👉 👉 1:45 – Where to download EVE-NG single virtual machine or OVF file?
👉 👉 3:55 – How to install VMware Workstation in your windows machine?
👉 👉 7:50 – How to import EVE-NG OVF file to your VMware Workstation?
👉 👉 11:15 – How to access the labs of EVE-NG?
👉 👉 13:12 – How to install images to your EVE-NG?
👉 👉 18:20 – Set up the specification for the installed image
👉 👉 20:00 – Where to download EVE-NG image files?

To ease the process of deployment of EVE-NG to your PC, here are a few downloadable links for you.

Download your EVE-NG OVF file here – https://bit.ly/2TlhGvp
Download VMware Workstation 16 Pro here – https://bit.ly/3vzppUE
Download WinSCP for your PC here – https://bit.ly/2So1EQW
Check EVE-NG images here – https://bit.ly/3wxsPrh

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