Digital Vs Analog Camera – Series 3 – Compare Video Quality

Comparing Analog and IP cameras along the lines of Video quality, media types, ease of management and other key factors like cost, fault tolerance etc helps us to get a clearer and better understanding of the way they work and the technology that goes in and why it is used in CCTV industry. Let us see them one by one. Let us start with video.

IP camera


These Cameras deliver still images without managing motion but cannot handle low light images. It is difficult to improve the video quality in IP Camera because they are limited in encoders and it introduces latency.

These have built in digital zoom.


Because IP video traffic is based on network, all network related issues(congestion, viruses, latency, bandwidth problems) affect the video quality of IP Camera

These cameras accommodate large visual ranges that make them ideal for remote surveillance needs


IP cameras have built in encryption system so that it makes impossible for anybody to view the signals

These cameras accommodate large visual ranges that make them ideal for remote surveillance needs

Analog camera


Analog CCD Camera handles motion well and performs reasonably well in any amount of light. Video quality can be improved significantly because there are more hardware and software resources available and absolutely no latency.

Basic analog cameras often lack features such as digital zoom.


Analog video traffic is more reliable since it is not network based. It is more similar to an analog telephone connection


Sometimes signals from analog systems have interference problem making it easier for someone to view the resulting unencrypted signals

Remote access

Analog cameras do not work well with broad ranges generally

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