[HINDI] Hacking Se Pehle Kya Sikhe? | Pre-Requisites for learning Ethical Hacking

Hello everyone. In this video I will talk about a very frequently asked question in the field of information security, that can you directly start learning Ethical Hacking without any prior knowledge in computer science? The answer is obviously NO, you need to have some prior knowledge without which people generally give up due to lack of understanding and regular failures.

So what is the right approach? What do we need to learn before actually starting to learn Ethical Hacking? What should be the methodology? All these questions shall be answered, as my opinions, in the video.

Basically, you need to learn the following in that order:

1. Computer Fundamentals (Hardware, Software, I/O, Processing, Operating System Basics)
2. Networking and Internet (Very important, from application point of view)
3. Linux Fundamentals (Any distro, kali or parrot will be better)
4. Atleast one programming language (not necessary, but required to be a professional)
5. Basics of hardware/software virtualization

My Laptop Recommendations:
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