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The Donation MLM Plan is also known as Help MLM Plan or Gift MLM Plan in MLM Business. With a low investment, Donation Plan attracts more people into it, and the people are more likely to use the donation services on a regular basis. With guarantee of money, most companies prefer donating their money, time and efforts in this plan. This one of the simplest and best Multi-Level Marketing Plan to earn higher profit in a short time.
A Donation Plans is practised in many MLM companies around the world. Many people are interested in joining this plan because, the simplicity and the high returns. The Donation MLM Plan is one of the modern MLM Compensation plan in a Network Marketing Business.


A Network Marketing business is also known as Multi-Level Marketing business. This business method makes earning by building a network chain of people and market products and its services through it. Now, let’s dive into more details about Donation MLM Plan.


The basic concept of Donation Plan is to send donations to one member and receive multiple donations from many other members. It works by sending money to a member by the MLM Companies and receiving the amount from multiple of members. So, each member will be benefited with multiple donation revenues from other members. Members will donate directly to other members without a medium in the middle. This plan will request a charge for the executing expenses and for the registration fee.
In this plan, you have to donate any amount and provide your proof after making your payment. Once your donation is success, your amount will grow on a daily basis with a percentage decided by company This is a give and take business method, the sole structure of Donation Plan is “Giving, Sharing, Receiving”. Every company has different condition to receive donation by customizing option of the plan.


Donation MLM Plan has a lot of features including different types of Bonus Compensation Plans. These Compensation Plans are for the benefits of employees, which gives them a motivation to work hard and reach their goals.

 Donation Bonus:
Donation Bonus when a distributor donates an amount to a scheme, his sponsor will receive a certain percentage of bonus from it. This motivates all sponsors to encourage their distributors.

 Matching Bonus:
Matching Bonus is the percentage of commission received by the sponsoring distributor hired on your network chain. This actually based on the earnings of distributors they’ve sponsored.

 Referral Bonus:
A Referral Bonus is a commission received by employees for recruiting or referring clients to their networks. This as a motivational bonus for sponsors to make distributors to be very active in their network.

 Rank Bonus:
A Rank bonus is paid to members when they complete their target and be eligible for promoting them to the higher level or rank. The target will be depending on the company policies, like their performance, sales, recruitments.


Donation MLM Plan is a wide MLM Plan consisting of multiple features, there are a lot of merits and demerit of using Donation MLM Plan in your business. But, the Merits of Donation Plan overcome its Demerits of it. Let’s have a look at both Merits and Demerits of Donation Plan.


• Best Payment Gateway Integration.
• Administration unit is available.
• Referral option will be offered.
• Accessibility of the Wallet System.
• All transaction details will be stored.
• Smartphone verification for every transaction.
• Turnover and Expenses report submissions.
• Regulate transactions, donation request.
• Can be customized to any requirements.
• Members are promoted to higher stage with bonuses.


• Sometimes receiving your bonus get delayed for, days, weeks or months.
• The promotion of product under this plan as compared to other plans of network marketing is low.
• Have to pay for administrative charge and registration fee.
• Only the one who work hard will receive good results in this plan.
• Some companies request for large donations, it will be a problem for beginner level clients.

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