En Ro Book Cover and Main Idea – A Charming Tomorrow can be Built Today – Tutorial 1 Season 1

Playlist: 2021 – Tonio’s Didactic Games for Learning by Doing with Pleasure Software for Phones and Tablets by using Android Studio and Kotlin

Book Title

A Charming Tomorrow can be Built Today-Tutorial 1 Season 1


Psychology of Teaching-Learning with Pleasure Applied in Creating Academic Games

Series Title
Tonio’s Pleasant Guidance

Author 1

Author 2
Andreea-Bianca FERENER-VARI

Book Description

This book is the first in
the series

* Tonio’s Pleasant Guidance *

therefore one of its purposes
to familiarize the beginners with the files

and the structure
of the directories created by Android Studio.  


The book contains

the link
for downloading the archive

the directory project EmptyInterface.


After the reader
downloads and unzip that archive

can use Android Studio to open the project
order to see the code from the files:
main_activity.xml, colors.xml, and strings.xml 


Helped by the content of the book,
the reader can also use Notepad ++  instead of Android Studio,

find those files and see the code from them. 


Tutorial 1 is created
to show the most simple code

to get a beautiful colored empty interface
replacing the default code from activity_main.xml

with the simplest code
from the file activity_main.xml


This book is written
* all the teachers/professors and pupils/students *


* all the people interested in the existence of healthy progress * 
everywhere in the world.  


To appear the Healthy Progress,
the humankind needs

apply the Psychology of Teaching-Learning with Pleasure


This book implicitly presents
Easy Academic Games for increasing Creativity.  


The Games are between Mentors and Disciples. 


The mentor’s pleasure
has roots in his/her curiosity. 


The mentor is curious
to discover what changing the disciples can do. 


The disciple
can delete parts of the code received from his/her mentor 


Some disciples
will search code on Internet

to add, and/or replace,
or delete at least a small part from the initial code 


The source of the pleasure

in the simplicity of the code

to get * a wonderful colored empty interface *. 


Another source of pleasure

* the very clear explanation *

* given *
* to each line of code *

* written by using *
* Kotlin and Android Studio *

Your Keywords (Optional)

healthy teaching and learning with pleasure

become disciples and mentors

healthy progress with pleasure

any attribute is written by using the name space

delete parts of the code received from a mentor

The best method can be a combination of methods

A disciple/mentor should be helped to help himself

Tonio’s Pleasant Guidance

Series description:

This series of mini-books offers * links * * for downloading archives .rar * of * projects created with Android Studio and Kotlin * *** Each mini-book from this series * shows not only code * , but also * Strategies for LearningAnything with Pleasure * *** Buying Tonio’s & Andreea’s Mini-Books * You Get HighPleasure of Teaching-Learning and of Helping Others * *** The mini-books of this series show * Ways to Creation of Pleasant Educational Software * with * Kotlin Language * (Kotlin™ Trademark property of Kotlin Foundation) and * Android Studio * (Android™ Trademark property of Google LLC). *** Tonio’s & Andreea’s mini-books are written to show that actually * in the most suitable ways * any person * pupils,students, and even old people *, can find satisfaction by using the * Power of Love to Teach and Learn with Pleasure *. *** In a correct way, any person can be able to create * Didactic Games for Learning Anything with Pleasure*. *** AndroidStudio offers a very kind deducible virtual assistant. The Kotlin Language is very friendly being close to the natural language. *** To appear more and more creators of * Pleasant Didactical Software * we need series of * PleasantTutorials for Creating Academic Games by using Android Studio and Kotlin. *** To appear the producing of satisfaction in *The Creation of Didactic Software * the disciple-mentor should * Create and Spread Code * for * Series of Pleasant Games * for * Teaching and Learning with Pleasure *. *** * The Easiest Way * to become * Creator of Academic Games * is to * Replace Parts of * Code * Received from a Mentor * with * Your Code *

source by Tonio FERENER-VARI




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