DebEX Barebone Linux 64/32 bit

In This Video We Are Looking At DebEX 64 bit with Budgie or Gnome respectively KDE Plasma Desktop

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All five systems/distributions are a based on Debian Sid.

DebEX LXQt – 32 bit – uses kernel 5.4.2-exton. DebEX Gnome uses kernel 5.16.11-exton. DebEX KDE Plasma uses kernel 6.0.6-amd64-exton.

PROGRAM content
As the name suggests, DebEX Barebone has only a minimum of software installed in advance. Among them LXTerminal, PCManFM, AlsaPlayer, NetworkManager, Thunderbird, Firefox, GParted and Synaptic. In version 220302 and 220929 all common Gnome respectively KDE packages instead of Budgie Desktop.

DebEX uses Apt and Synaptic.

Budgie 10.5/Enlightenment 0.24.2, Gnome 41 respectively KDE Plasma 5.26.3 are used as Desktop environments.

That ability allows DebEX Barebone to be very fast, since reading and writing data from/to RAM is much faster than on a hard disk drive.

REFRACTA Snapshot or penguins-eggs
Build your own Debian live installable system! Very easy!

Calamares Installer is used in all DebEX versions.

DebEX Barebone Budgie – create your own Debian live system with Refracta Snapshot!
Kernel 6.0.6-amd64-exton-rt14 in DebEX KDE Plasma Build 221115
DebEX KDE (two versions) are based on Debian 11 (stable) and Debian 12 (unstable/sid)
DebEX KDE Build 221115/220929 uses Calamares Installer Framework
VirtualBox Guest Additions in DebEX KDE Plasma 221115/220929
All DebEX systems are based on Debian Testing “Bookworm” (12) and unstable (Sid).
Run all five versions from RAM! Superfast!
Kernel 5.15.5-exton-amd64-rt21 in DebEX Budgie/Gnome/Enlightenment Build 211215
KDE Plasma 5.26.3/5.20.5 Desktop in Build 221115/220929
Gnome 41 in Build 220302
Gimp and GParted
Pacapt (“an Arch’s pacman-like package manager”) in DebEX Gnome
Calamares Installer in DebEX Gnome Build 220302
Netflix can be watched while using Firefox (Iceweasel)
Refracta Snapshot is pre-installed in all four versions
All four versions run very well in VMware and VirtualBox
Create you own live installable Debian system with Refracta Snapshot
Firefox (for Netflix) in all DebEX systems
Using Calamares in DebEX KDE, Budgie/Enlightenment and Gnome you can install in any language!
Rolling distributions
DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment Build 211215 efi uses Calamares 3.2.4-3 installer
DebEX Gnome Build 220302 uses Calamares 3.2.36-1 installer
Enlightenment 0.24.2 is installed from source in Build 211215
DebEX LXQt – 32 bit – uses kernel 5.4.2-exton
Cactus Package Manager (CPM) in DebEX Gnome – an alternative to Apt
Kernel headers in all three versions
VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed in DebEX Gnome Build 210603
Kernel 5.15.5-exton-amd64-rt21-exton in DebEX Barebone Budgie/Gnome/Enlightenment Build 211215
Budgie Desktop 10.5 in DebEX Build 211215
penguins-eggs in Build 211215 – remaster tool
Kernel 5.16.11-exton in DebEX Gnome Build 220302
VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed in Build 220929, 211215 and 220302
Run DebEX Build 221115/220929/211215/220302 in full screen in VirtualBox!
LURE (Linux User REpository) in DebEX KDE Build 221115

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Todays Video – DebEX Barebone Linux 64/32 bit!

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