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BGP Interview Questions Answers for L2 Engineer

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What is 3 way handshake in BGP?
What are different BGP message types?
How does BGP choose the best path?
What is BGP split horizon rule?
What is Route poisoning in BGP?
What does route poisoning do?
What is hold down in networking?
What is poison reverse in BGP?
What is BGP synchronization rule?
What causes BGP RIB failure?
What is full mesh in BGP?
What is Ibgp mesh?
Why is Ibgp full mesh?
Why is Ibgp needed?
What is BGP next hop self?
What is BGP local preference?
What is no synchronization in BGP?
What is BGP blackhole?
What causes BGP flapping?
What is BGP backdoor?
Is BGP preferred over EIGRP?
What is community list in BGP?
Are BGP communities transitive?
What is site of origin in BGP?
Why use MP BGP?
Is BGP unicast or multicast?
What is BGP address family?
What is BGP unicast?
What is BGP Multipath?
Can BGP do load balancing?
What is BGP weight?
Does BGP Load Balancer by default?
What is maximum path in BGP?
What does ECMP stand for?
What is a BGP route reflector?
What is BGP cluster?
How does BGP choose the best path?
What metric does BGP use?
What metric does BGP use?
What is the best way to remember BGP path selection?
How does BGP influence incoming traffic?
How do you stop a loop in BGP?
What are BGP path attributes?
Which BGP attribute is used to influence inbound?
Can routing loops occur in BGP?
How does BGP detect loops?
What are the various BGP timers?
What is the difference between internal and external BGP?
WHAT IS AS number in BGP?
What is the ad value of BGP?
How does BGP learn routes?
What happens when BGP goes down?
What is the full form of BGP?
Why is BGP slow protocol?
What is BGP Cisco?
What causes BGP RIB failure?
What is next hop self in BGP?
What is BGP blackhole?
Why loopback address is used in BGP?
Do BGP peers have to be directly connected?
Can routers on different subnets become BGP neighbors?
Can router on different subnet become BGP Neighbour?
Can we do load balancing in BGP?
What is BGP weight?
What is metric in BGP?
What is BGP full mesh?
Why is iBGP full mesh?
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